You may have heard other business owners talking about the benefits of their commercial roof coatings. You may also wonder if these energy and cost-saving techniques could be applied to your property. Perhaps you are brand new to the concept of roof coating and are here to learn more about what problems our coating systems can solve for you.

In the following article, we'll take a deep dive into the best reasons to choose commercial roof coating and some of the benefits you can enjoy after doing so.

What Is an Industrial Roof Coating?

Industrial roof coatings are designed to improve your commercial roofing system's weather resistance, longevity, function, and lifespan.

Rather than making a significant investment in costly roof replacement, a coating system can extend the lifetime of your roof by up to 20 years. As long as your roof and insulation are up to code, you can expect to gain incomparable value.

These coatings provide a layer of impenetrable waterproofing and protection from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun and other types of weather events.

Depending on your goals and the coating type you choose, you can also choose to include reflective properties, which allow you more control over the amount of heat your structure absorbs.

All of this makes for an impeccable product with many benefits to business owners spanning various industries.

Read on for more details if you're curious to know how these systems work, what options you have to choose from, and what the application process looks like.

How Are Commercial Roof Coating Systems Applied?

Commercial roof coating systems are applied as a single layer and are a fully adhered fluid that forms a membrane.

The application process involves having expert technicians distribute the product evenly on the roof with rollers or spray equipment. Depending on the type of roof you currently have in place, a primer may be needed to ensure perfect adhesion.

In some cases, you may benefit from choosing a product with elastic capabilities that will allow your coating to stretch and bend before returning to its previous shape. Choosing elastomeric products is beneficial when your goal is to seal against roof leaks and prevent any current damage from progressing further.

A quick inspection and consultation with a pro roof coating company will allow you to determine the exact process needed for application on a specific roof.

Our experts urge you to consult with commercial roof coating contractors with an excellent reputation for delivering seamless results and service that is second to none.

Top Reasons to Consider Roof Coating Service

Now that we're on the same page about what a roof coating service is, it's time to consider what benefits your company could enjoy.

Roof Coatings can Lower Your Businesses Energy Expenses

When you select a reflective roof coating, you gain that added benefit of lowered air conditioning expenses.

Adding a protective white layer to your roof allows harmful UV rays to be blocked, so your roofing materials last longer and the heat from the sun bounces off and away from your building instead of being absorbed.

Roof Coating Seals Out Leaks and Prevents Weather and Water Damage

If the weather is known to be unkind to the roof of your commercial property, a roof coating can seal out leaks and prevent the weather from causing any more harm to your investment.

Say goodbye to worrying about water getting in when you have a monolithic barrier that will protect your property for 20 years or more.

Commercial Roof Coating Cost Significantly Less than Replacement

Commercial roof coating is always going to cost much less than roof replacement. For this reason, we suggest checking to see if your commercial building is a good candidate for what some refer to as a "rubber roof."

When you choose a sealing system, you benefit from being able to invest your funds wisely in the future growth of your company.

Roof Coating Service Doesn't Disturb Building Inhabitants

Whether your building is occupied by tenants or employees, choosing a roof coating service is ideal for restoring durability and longevity to your roof without interrupting the inhabitants.

If you have to tear off a roof, you're on the hook for finding a place for your company to conduct its business in the interim. If you're leasing out the space, you risk damaging your good relationship with your clients with a disturbance such as a partial or complete roof overhaul.

It's worth it to explore the many ways a long-lasting roof coating can save you time, money, and hassle.

You Don't Have to Remove HVAC Infrastructure to Install Commercial Roof Coatings

While re-roofing requires removing any mechanical equipment housed on the roof, a commercial roof coating can be applied with these elements still in place.

We recommend discussing the topography of your roof with a certified coating installation team to learn more about creating the perfect seal and protecting your investment for many years to come.

You'd like to Boost Curb Appeal with a New Roof Color

There is no better way to get the look you want while getting the most protection and value for your investment.

If your goal is to change the appearance of a commercial structure or prevent roof colors from fading, you will love what coating your roof brings to the table.

We encourage you to sit down with a well-seasoned, commercial roof coating installer to learn more about the color selections available to you.

Roof Coating Protects Against the Growth of Mildew and Algae

If undesirable biofilms like algae and mildew have plagued you in the past, you can combat these with the application of a roof coating.

You won't have to worry about pressure washing expenses to remove these anymore. You can rest assured the materials used will make it impossible for mildew and its pals to latch on and make themselves at home.


Protective roof coatings for commercial and industrial buildings are a significant source of value and can immensely reduce building maintenance costs.

Did these benefits make you consider how commercial roof coatings can save your business time, energy, and expense? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.