Roofing Services

Commercial Roof Coatings

If you own and operate a commercial building, you can’t let just anyone provide your roof with essential services. Unlicensed contractors can end up doing damage to your commercial roof coating. After all, if they haven’t bothered to get the necessary certifications, how can you be sure they know what they are doing?

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Commercial Roof Inspection

The importance of regular roof inspections cannot be overlooked by area business owners. If you own and or operate a commercial property in the area, a failing roof can cost you thousands of dollars. Not only will it be expensive to repair or potentially even replace your building’s roof, you’ll also likely have to spring for mold remediation, water damage restoration, new insulation and structural repairs.

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Commercial Roof Repair

A leaky or damaged roof isn’t just a nuisance, it’s a hazard to your business. When your commercial property’s roof isn’t serving its purpose, it could cost you thousands of dollars. The loss could be in the form of damaged stock or equipment, lost working hours or, if you fail to get the issue fixed quickly by reliable roofing specialists, you could be looking at a costly roof replacement.

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Commercial Metal Roof Coatings

Metal roofing systems have long been a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings in the area for a number of reasons. Commercial metal roof coating is among the most versatile and customizable roofing systems available without skimping on quality and durability.

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Commercial Flat Roof Coatings

It’s very common for business and commercial property owners to focus on things like color schemes, landscaping and signage when they think about the exterior of their commercial buildings because they all directly affect the curb appeal. Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a property and its surroundings when viewed from the street and it is an essential part of attracting customers.

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Modified Bitumen Roofing

One of the most popular roofing systems for low slope or flat roofs in North America, modified bitumen roofing is an asphalt-based product that has a proven track record of performance with superior waterproofing and high tensile strength for high-traffic roofs.

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White Membrane Roofing

Local commercial buildings need to do whatever they can to keep their costs down and if you have been paying too much for heating and cooling every month, then the solution is right above your head. Your roof can have a huge impact on your commercial building’s energy efficiency. And one of the ways that you can make it more energy efficient is by investing in a white membrane roof.

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Commercial Industrial Metal Roof Coatings

Commercial industrial metal roof coatings are our specialty. We offer a range of industrial-grade metal roof coatings specially designed to maximize performance and add years onto your roof’s lifespan. Whether you’ve just had a new metal roof installed or you’re looking to protect an old one, we have you covered with quality results, stellar service, and fair prices.

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