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If you own or operate a commercial property in the area, you probably don’t think about your roof much. And who can blame you? You have other things to worry about over the course of any given day. Since your attention is divided with all the other aspect of running a commercial building or business, you don’t have time to do research on commercial roofs or be on the phone asking questions.

To make navigating the complex world of commercial a little bit easier, we have collected the most frequently asked questions we’re asked in regard to commercial roofing. We hope that you find this to be a convenient way to get your questions answered.

If your question doesn’t appear on this FAQ page, please feel free to give Commercial Roof Coatings LLC a call and we’ll provide you a clear answer.

How Can I Recognize When a Roof System Needs to be Repaired or Replaced?

Without professional experience as a roofer, it can be difficult to know when a roof needs to be repaired or replaced. The main things you should look for are:


This is an obvious one, but if you notice water dripping, a wet spot on the ceiling or a puddle forming on the floor, your roof has some damage and needs to be patched up.

Wear and Tear

If your roof looks old, cracked or curled, it’s likely time to get it repaired or replaced.

Energy Usage

If there are no signs of physical damage, you might want to check your electric bill. A strong, durable roof shouldn’t be letting heating or cooling out. If there’s been an uptick in how much you have been spending on energy, give Commercial Roof Coatings LLC a call.

The best way to make sure your roof is in condition is arranging for a roof inspection where will examine all the aspects and determine what action, if any, needs to be taken.

My Roof is Leaking. Do I Need to Replace it?

A leak doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to spring for a roof replacement. There are a number of factors to consider. How old is the roof? What material is it made out of? Have you had repaired recently? Let us take a look at it and we’ll be able to recommend the right solution.

How long of a warranty can I expect ?

10, 15 and 20 available

What is the best system for a metal roof?

Rubberized acrylic elastomeric membrane is the best choice for commercial metal roofs, as they all have positive water drainage.

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