Commercial Industrial Metal Roofs in Puyallup

Have you had enough of replacing your Puyallup commercial and industrial building’s roof every 15 years? Are you tired of constantly getting commercial roofers to replace and repair shingles or the plastic membranes that are currently serving, albeit inadequately, as your building’s first line of defense against the elements?

If this sounds like your current situation, then you are overdue to invest in a metal roof. A metal roof is a great investment for any business. Metal roofs are significantly more durable than any other commercial roofing option. Monthly energy costs and maintenance costs will drop once you invest in a metal roof and the resale value of your property will rise.

Of course, the benefits of switching to a metal roof won’t magically fall into your lap once your decision has been made. You need to be smart about which commercial roofing company you choose to be your metal roof service provider. Finding the right roofers is the most part of a successful commercial roofing project. And luckily, you have already found them here.

Commercial Roof Coatings LLC has been providing exceptional commercial roofing services to commercial and industrial buildings all over the Puyallup area for many years. With our many years of experience installing, maintaining, repairing and restoring metal roofs for business owners just like you, we guarantee that you will love your new, durable and built-to-last metal roof when we are through with it.

More and more commercial property owners are choosing metal roofs and to see why it’s become so popular, give us a call today. One of Commercial Roof Coatings LLC’s representatives will be happy to go over all your options and how we can get started on building you a better roof as soon as possible.

Metal Roof Repairs

While metal roofs are primarily known for durability, they aren’t invincible. Storm damage, rust or expansion and contraction have all been known to damage metal roofs. Luckily, Commercial Roof Coatings LLC’s commercial roofers have so much experience repairing metal commercial roofs that you don’t need to sweat.

If the damage is fairly extensive, we can simply replace an entire section of the roof. Of course, that is only reserved for the severe damage to certain panels. When the damage is small, we can patch up the hole, clean up the rust or seal up the leaks in no time at all.

The key to making sure that the damage to your metal roof doesn’t spiral out of control is to contact Commercial Roof Coatings LLC as soon as you suspect or, better yet, spot a problem with your roof. Quick intervention equals more effective and less invasive repairs.

You can also schedule our commercial roofing contractors for regular inspections. When we are able to swing by and conduct inspections of your metal roof, we can provide it with preventative maintenance whenever it needs it. Doing this will practically assure that your metal roof reaches its 50-year life expectancy.

To find out more about what Commercial Roof Coatings LLC can do for your commercial roof, contact us today.